Cesar informatika


Who we are ?

We are a start-up located in Zagreb, Croatia with extensive knowledge and experience in developing primarily ASP.NET MVC web applications

What we do ?

At the moment, most of our income comes from outsourcing our developers to larger software development companies located in Zagreb, but currently we are developing an in-house project which is planned to release in May '15

Why choose us

We are open to any suggestions or offers related to our area of expertise and are willing to consider your inquiry.

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Our work / involvement


BoatBooker is the first complete yachting software solution designed specifically for the nautical industry, based on actual needs of charter agencies and fleet operators. Whether you´re looking for solutions for your web site or your office business, we are confident that BoatBooker will exceed your expectations.


Srednja.hr is unique news portal for students in Croatia. Portal started at the end of 2011., and until September '12 was primarily operated by voulonteers.


TVZ grader is automatic code compiler and grading system used in Polytechnic Zagreb for evaluating student submissions in programming languages such as C, C++, C# and Java.